#RPGaDay 2016 Day 23: Share a "Worst Luck" Story

Ghostbusters has a "ghost die". It is the predecessor to the West End Games Star Wars RPG's wild die. 

In Ghostbusters the ghost die is rolled as part of all tests. If your skill gives you five dice, four will be normal dice and one is a ghost die. On the ghost die the six is replaced by a ghost. If you roll it something unfortunate happens (and the roll counts as a zero). You still might succeed, but if you do something went wrong. Now the odds of something unfortunate happening being one in six is actually rather high, but since Ghostbusters is a humor game, it is appropriate for the genre...

With that in mind, in our most recent Ghostbusters game the characters had the ghost cornered in the basement of an apartment building. Zap. Success, but with a ghost die. OK, the ghost is caught in the trap but... a fire has broken out. We'll just use the water tank to put out the fire... Oh dear, a failure with a ghost die. The fire is now an electrical one... And so it continued...

In the end the building was saved, but with such damage the cash made was more than offset by the damage done to the building. In the future, always get the liability waiver signed.

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