#RPGaDay 2016 Day 8: Hardcover, Softcover, or Digital? What is My Preference?

Can I do a write-in for cuneiform?

Generally speaking, I'm more of a digital consumer - especially with the advent of tablets. Things have come a long way since using a Kindle DX to read a PDF (and learning how certain PDFs could take several seconds to execute a page-flip). In the interests of not consuming my house with more books, I definitely appreciate the utility of digital gaming products. I especially like it when the creator/publisher makes a player version with a gaming group license available as well so I can share the product with my group. If they like it, they might buy a full copy. If not, well at least we've got something to use for the game so that everyone has a copy and no one's intellectual property rights have been violated. I was a software developer for most of my adult life and even now with me being more involved in quality and data science, I still depend on software for my livelihood, so I appreciate the need to get people to actually pay for all those 1's and 0's.

For games I get a lot of play out of I'll often go for a physical as well. I generally prefer hardcover, but perhaps even more important to me is good quality binding. I want to lay that book flat on my table without hearing horrifying cracking sounds as the binding decides which pages to let go of.

Given I often don't buy the physical book, I generally don't balk at a decent price for the digital version. I do, however, appreciate it when the digital book is offered with the physical book, either for free or at a reduced price.

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